Single channel video · 2005 · Music: Alexander Peterhaensel


Video · 3:39 min.

PAL · 4:3 · Colour · Stereo · 3:39 min.

The video piece Zwirn shows a young man performing a sequence of consecutive movements, except that he performs them all simultaneously. The same scene is shown three times in staggered sequence: the man gets undressed next to his bed; he gets up from his bed in a hurry; he enters the room through the door. He hurries to the door; drinks a glass of water next to his bed; he sits on the sofa and unties his shoes. He throws his cap to himself as he dashes out through the door. After entering the room he hands a glass of water to himself at his bedside and then takes the empty glass back to the kitchen sink. The young man interacts with himself constantly throughout the sequence. The linearity of the video loses itself in an illogical simultaneity of movements.

The interweaving sequences are accompanied by a mechanical, tick-tack sound that follows the actor’s movements, separating and blurring the different sequences at one and the same time.