Urban Faces

Video installations · since 2014


Documentation · 0:57 min. · Künstlerhaus Dortmund | DE · 2014

Documentation · 1:01 min. · Künstlerhaus Dortmund | DE · 2014

Site-specific · Dimensions & durations variable · Silent

Urban Faces is a continuous series of site-specific video projections, which will be developed and adapted for every new spatial requirement. Initially hand camera shots of urban micro structures will be made in the environment of the exhibition room. Subsequently these videos will be sorted, selected and, in a digital post-processing, arranged to modular patterns. In doing so the video frame will be duplicated, fanned out in a grid pattern and minimally offset in time. All video frames will be unfolded in the plane, so that the filmed architectural element will be expanded to an urban meta-structure. The hand cameras tiny movements lead to the impression of a slight motion of the whole image. At the edges of each individual frame the construction-lines of the collage remain visible.

The final videos will be projected onto the walls of the respective exhibition room and marginlessly fitted into the architectural structures whereby they merge with the boundaries of the room and become part of the existing architecture.