Rauschen & Brausen V

Single channel video · 2019


Video · 5:15 min.
(Headphones recommended)

4k · 16:9 · Colour · Stereo · 5:15 min.

The video Rauschen & Brausen V is the fifth part of a series of works based on the same initial situation: The video camera is positioned on a bridge filming the static architecture of a skyscraper in the background through the fast crossing traffic in the foreground.

In the postproduction, the temporal continuity of the source material is atomized. Each passing vehicle is extracted from the flow of images and used as a singular element, detached from its temporal context. In the montage, the passing traffic is filtered, thinned out and categorized according to various parameters. The original noise is rearranged according to alternating categories and is thus translated into a new readability. A meandering visual composition develops on the threshold between chaos and structure.