Passing Places

Single channel video · 2015


Video excerpt · 3:00 min.
(Headphones recommended)

4k · 16:9 · Colour · Stereo · 12:00 min.

The video Passing Places is developed out of an extensive audiovisual questioning of urban space. Based on the collection of almost photographic video recordings – all shot in public places – the work creates the allusion of a walk through a city which remains anonymous. Whilst passing by architectural openings, barriers and reflections of light the stroll leads through everyday environments and thus develops a kaleidoscope of urban constellations.

The images are combined with the sound recording of a walk which starts in an interior space, continues through diverse public surroundings and finally returns to the room inside. The step’s steady sound connects the heterogeneous acoustic events and allegedly merges the scattered images to a whole.

The work was produced in the framework of the Sparkasse KölnBonn sponsorship program, supervised by SK Stiftung Kultur.